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Free COBRA Compliance Checkup

Concerned about COBRA compliance? Try our FREE COBRA Compliance Checkup.

Our friendly COBRA experts will meet with you one-on-one to evaluate your COBRA administration for full COBRA compliance. There is no cost and no obligation.

CobraCheck's COBRA Compliance Checkup covers the following COBRA administration activities:

  • Full COBRA documentation
  • All required COBRA notices
  • Full COBRA compliance

Call 1-800-437-0778 for your Free COBRA Compliance Checkup today!

Full COBRA Documentation
All COBRA Notices
Full COBRA Compliance
Your COBRA Administration Manual?
A Certificate of Training
A Sample of An Initial Notification
Samples of QE Notifications
Health Insurance Applications
Monthly COBRA Activity Reports
Initial Notifications
Message about Breast Cancer
Notice from the CA Dept of Health
QE Notifications within 14 days of the event
A Certificate of Group Health Coverage
Premium Processing is impartial
Processing of elections is consistent
Coverage extends no longer than the periods required under COBRA
Continuants receive information about conversion options
All questions are answered promptly and accurately